Global Solution Needed For Climate Change

Technology will provide the answers to climate change and Britain should not make sacrifices ahead of the rest of the world.

That was the message from Meurig Raymond, deputy president of the The National Farmers' Union (NFU), following the MLC Outlook Conference last week.

On climate change, Raymond said: "The predictions are quite frightening but obviously they're looking towards the end of the century. I think it's going to take a lot of R&D and science. But there are solutions in the bovine sector.

"You only need to go to Germany to see those solutions functioning. The waste products from the animals are actually sold and the energy goes to the national grid."

The government must be careful not to disadvantage British farmers with 'green policies', he argued.

"I think if we were singled out as a country, rather than producers in a global sense, it would obviously affect our competitiveness.

"I would say this is a global issue and not just an issue special to the UK. We need a global solution and I would suggest the industry has moved a long way in the last ten years," Raymond said.

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