Pie company goes green

An award winning pie company is going green in an effort to cut down its environmental footprint.

Pieminster moved to its new food production premises in Brentry, Bristol earlier this year and is now concentrating on making the facility environmentally friendly.

It already has an effective waste management system in place and all the factory's waste tin and cardboard is recycled. Before materials are collected for recycling the cardboard is crushed into dense bales and the cans crushed into a fraction of their original size using an air operated Mil-tek baler.

The company says that using the baler significantly reduces the volume of tin and cardboard so less space is taken up in the factory and in the recycling collection transport, which in turn helps to cut down fuel emissions.

By pre-treating the waste Pieminster is also complying with the new Landfill Directive guidelines set out by the Environmental Agency.

Factory manager, Simon Dury, said: "We currently have six Pieminister shops but we also produce pies for fine food outlets across the country, including pubs, sandwich bars and delis.

"We're getting busier and busier - some weeks we see increases in production of up to 2,000 pies which keeps us on our toes!

"That's great news for Pieminister but at the same time we're conscious of our impact on the environment.

"This is why we're keen to work with companies like Mil-tek who specialise in these areas, so we can stick to making perfect pies!"

In addition to waste management, Pieminster is also undertaking an environmental survey, focusing on areas such as electricity and water usage and is working with Bristol University to look at how its refrigerated storage can become more energy efficient.

Call 01242 620903 or visit www.miltek-uk.co.uk for more information on Mil-tek balers.

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