Pimp my Spam fritter

A Spam fan-club member has set a new record for creating the UK's biggest Spam fritter.

Francine Baker, who runs a fish and chip shop in Plymouth, rose to the challenge set by Hormel Foods, and made a Spam fritter weighing just under three kilos and measuring 18x12in.

Baker said: "We wanted to make the biggest Spam fritter we possibly could and admittedly there were many aborted attempts. However, we finally managed to master the perfect fritter, which has remained fully intact for all to see."

Spam European brand manager, Rebecca Wilson, commented: "We have an extensive following via our online fan club and we knew when we challenged Spam fans that we wouldn't be disappointed.

"Francine put a tremendous amount of time and effort into perfecting her giant Spam fritter and she has done herself proud. We have rewarded Francine with a cheque for £100 for her efforts."

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