Bourns supremacy

Charles Bourns has been re-elected chairman of the NFU's national poultry board.

Bourns, a Gloucestershire poultry farmer and well known industry figure, will serve in the post for a further two years and said one of his key goals would be to raise the positive profile of the industry following the recent series of television programmes which focused on the sector.

"The British poultry industry is one of the best in the world, working to some of the highest welfare standards and constantly adapting to produce what the consumer wants. The industry has a lot to be proud of and I will be doing my best to make sure we get that message across to consumers and the media," he said.

"I will also continue to highlight the fact margins on both table chicken and egg production are being squeezed by a combination of soaring costs and government legislation, to the point where the future of the British poultry industry is being put at risk, and work to ensure that producers earn a fair and sustainable reward for their produce."

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