FoE targets Tesco with spoof ad

Friends of the Earth (FOE) has launched a new online anti-Tesco advert to convince the public that 'Every Little Helps' when it comes to supporting small scale retailers.

The advert, which is a spoof of Teco's TV advertising campaign and features a voice over by comedian Alexi Sayle, urges consumers to spend more pounds in independent stores or risk losing them althogether.

"'The Every Little Helps' video is a frighteningly accurate depiction of Tesco's effect on local communities," said Sandra Bell, FOE's supermarket campaigner.

"Local shops simply cannot compete with Tesco's ever-growing dominance and many are being forced to close."

The advert comes after recent survey revealed that 80% of consumers want more local independent shops.

According to FOE, the survey "contradicts Tesco's claims that the 'silent majority' of people want a new Tesco store in their area."

The survey, carried out by the market research company Gfk NOP, showed that almost half the public (43%) would oppose a new Tesco store in their area while only a third (33%) would welcome one.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: "Frankly it's gratifying that an organisation with such a slim grip on reality as Friends of the Earth would admit that 57% of people would not be opposed to having a Tesco's in their area."

FOE has recently called on the Competition Commission, an independent public body that conducts in-depth inquiries the regulation of the major regulated industries, to try and reduce Tesco's dominance in the grocery market.

The charity has also voiced strong opposition to the government's plan to review planning policy, a move which might make it easier for supermarkets to build new out of town stores.

"It is unnaceptable that the government is currently considering dismantling planning laws to make it even easier for big supermarkets to build huge out of town stores," said Bell.

The government's Planning White Paper proposes the removal of the key 'need test' which requires supermarkets to demonstrate a need for additional floor space outside the town centre.

The 'Every Little Helps' can be veiwed at

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