Lamb sales up 5%

The recent heavyweight autumn lamb promotion campaign carried out by the English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX) has helped increase retail lamb sales

in England by an average of 8.6% over the past three months, equivalent to over 1,700 tonnes of retail cuts.

At the campaign's height in November 2007, an additional 5% of shoppers were buying lamb compared to the same period in 2006.

The additional sales in England in October, November and December had a retail value of around £9m. The levy-funded EBLEX autumn lamb marketing promotion, which kicked off with a late summer press and TV campaign included the distribution of three million Quality Standard autumn lamb recipe leaflets, posters outside 1,000 supermarket stores, radio competitions and press adverts. Additional lamb promotional activity, in the form of mobile poster ads, radio and regional press advertising was funded by seven regional development agencies and the government's foot-and-mouth disease promotional aid package.

EBLEX chairman John Cross said: "These results demonstrate consumers were keen to show they both valued farmers and the quality of their lamb. The industry now needs to work together to ensure the benefits are passed along the supply chain.

"Sheep producers will need continued consumer support as we enter a critical time of the lamb marketing year. With that in mind, EBLEX particularly welcomes the commitment by those major retailers who have extended their seasonal commitment to Quality Standard lamb."

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