Candidate diaries

Wayne Holmes,

Aubrey Allen

This module focused on lean production, which opened my eyes to the small changes we can make to save money and time.

The bridge-building allowed us to apply the theory in a practical situation and it was great to have the coaches over from Roskilde. Personally, I do not come from a meat background and can find it difficult to relate to the meat side of things, such as balancing a pig line. So I can't wait to go to Denmark and get my hands on a pig!

I have already started to see changes at work, if only in my own mind-set. I feel much more confident about approaching management and suggesting business changes. I am looking forward to our final project, which will allow us to implement real change and demonstrate how it can make a difference.

Michael Perkins, butcher,

Aubrey Allen

So far, the course has been

fantastic. Learning the lean

production methods meant

that I was able to come back

and implement changes in my work straight away.

It was interesting to come back, having learnt about

different people's attitudes and how to manage them; if you

understand where someone is coming from, then you know better how to approach and guide them.

I have found the accountancy module the hardest because I come from a more practical background, but as a team, we all help each other and share our strengths, which is great.

I am really looking forward

to Denmark because I have

never slaughtered a pig before and it will be another notch on my belt!

Rizvan Khalid, business

development manager,

Euroquality Lambs

Although the course is adapted from the generic manufacturing fellowship, the coaches tried to focus on parts that are relevant to the meat industry. There are still things that need to be ironed out, but overall I have been impressed.

I found the two-day change management module most interesting. We looked at how to implement change in an organisation and learnt about how different things motivate different people. There is a really good group atmosphere on the course and our different backgrounds mean there is a good mix of skills. I am now looking forward to going to Denmark, because Roskilde has such as good reputation in the industry. Learning more about processing was my key reason to join the course and I can't wait to see how they do it.

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