Yorkshire butcher fined for hygiene offences

A Yorkshire butcher, at the heart of an e coli outbreak, has been fined £20,000 for hygiene offences.

Todd's Pork and Beef Butchers of Armley, Leeds, admitted breaching hygiene regulations during a hearing before Leeds magistrates.

Charges relating specifically to the e coli outbreak were dropped by the prosecution when they were unable to prove direct link from the shop to the outbreak.

The court heard that during the outbreak in 2006 a total of 60 people were left seriously ill.

It was while they were investigating the outbreak that the environmental health officers visited the shop.

Evidence was given that they were so shocked by what they saw, with filthy conditions and cross contamination between cooked and uncooked meats, that they ordered the premises to be closed immediately.

In mitigation it was said that the business had been forced to close permanently due to the publicity and that the directors had to sell their houses to repay loans and had suffered financial hardship.

It was added that the fine of £20,000 was academic as the company that run the shop, WT and C Munro, was now a shell.

It was also added that all charges against director William Munro had been dropped.

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