Burger with provenance

In a bid to help restaurants during the recession, Linden Foods has developed a new St George gourmet steak burger, which offers affordable quality, taste and provenance.

The burger bears the Quality Standard Mark and is aimed at chefs looking to cash in on current consumer demand for British meat and higher-quality burgers. Made from specially selected prime beef, it has a ‘handmade’ appearance, but promises to deliver consistency on size, thickness and eating quality.

Elaine Willis, new product development manager for Linden Foods, said: “We recognised that there has been a growing trend in which customers are increasingly looking for a top-quality burger offering. This means a burger with superior taste, texture and flavour that comes with full provenance.


“The opportunities for pubs and restaurants to benefit from premium and gourmet style burgers are apparent; however, they must clearly distance and distinguish themselves from any current burger offering on the market. The St George’s Gourmet Steak Burger does this, while keeping kitchen time, cost and inconvenience to a minimum.”


It is hoped that the burger, which was ‘Highly Recommended’ at the recent Northern Ireland Food and Drink awards, will offer customers a premium, but more affordable alternative to steak and generate added profitability for pubs and restaurants.


Mike Whittemore, EBLEX retail project manager, said: “Provenance and quality is very much at the forefront of consumers’ minds, not just in the retail sector, but also when eating out. When it comes to premium dishes, customers’ expectations are high, so by choosing a burger which uses Quality Standard beef, chefs can provide customers with the assurances they seek, as well as build confidence in their establishment and reputation.”


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