Longer shelf-life for meat

Multisorb Technologies took part in the UK Trade & Investment stand at Anuga this year, with information on its preservation products for meat shelf-life.

The US company, which is also based in Telford, has two products of particular interest to those involved in the meat industry: the FreshPax CR, which extends shelf-life and preserves colour in case-ready packaged meats; and the MAPLOX SM programme for modified atmosphere, low-oxygen case-ready meat packaging, said to maintain the flavour and colour of packaged meats.

The FreshPax CR system is claimed to extend the shelf-life of case-ready meats to up to 30 days. The system works by addressing oxidation, which can negatively affect the flavour, aroma and appearance of meat. Scavengers are used, together with vacuum and back-flush systems to absorb residual oxygen. Specially formulated to work in a chilled environment, it rapidly reduces oxygen levels to 0.01%, effectively inhibiting oxidative degradation.

Once at the retail location, individual meat cases are removed from the master bag and allowed to re-bloom, ensuring an appealing red colour.

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