Foiled by Nicholl

Staffordshire-based firm Nicholl Food Packaging offered a range of foil trays at Pro2pac, described as the ”ultimate lightweighted tray without cutting corners”. The trays are designed for ready-to-cook meat, joints and chickens.

Nicholl said that it has created the light trays using Micro-Rib, a new patented alloy technology and tool design to produce the lowest weight tray while retaining the strength and aesthetic appearance of a traditional smoothwall tray.

The company added that key features of the Micro-Rib included: a minimum 12% weight reduction from standard trays, with trays being 7% lighter than their lowest weight competitor; a smooth flange area on the tray, which enables good heat seal integrity; custom-designed rib technology, giving added base rigidity and space for a customer logo; and an optional delivery in returnable pallecons to reduce outer packaging waste.

Cubic capacity on the trays ranges from 800cc to 1060cc, with depths of 34mm and 45mm respectively.

Nicholl also offers a Smoothwall Foil Tray range, using its SKINfoil technology – a film skin said to prevent leaking and prolong shelf-life.

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