Making minced meat of the competition

Vemag, distributed in the UK by Reiser, displayed its new minced meat line at this year’s Anuga FoodTec.

Stand visitors were invited to watch a vacuum filler, a separation grinder 982 with automated separation valve, a minced meat attachment 801, a minced meat portioner MMP 220, a checkweigher and an integrated tray handling system – all in action.

The minced meat portioner is capable of dividing up individual portions at a rate of up to 120/minute. Using the integrated paper interleaving system, the individual portions can then be placed on paper. The checkweigher then communicates with the vacuum filler and automatically switches the portion weight to the desired setting. Any wrong-weight portions are immediately sorted out before they reach the packaging stage, said the company. The highly accurate weights significantly reduce losses and increase the profitability of the production line. The individual portions are then placed in trays.

The tray feed system consists of a tray store, tray de-stacker and portion loader. The tray store transports the tray batches to the de-stacker, which separates them and feeds them to the portion loader. Interchangeable de-stacker cartridges allow the tray format to be changed rapidly. The tray inventory or current status of the packaging machine are continuously monitored.

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