NFU Scotland invites Bluetongue developments discussion

NFU Scotland is inviting members to a meeting to hear all the latest news, and feed into NFU Scotland's policy on the latest bluetongue developments.

NFU Scotland is inviting members across Argyll and the Islands to a meeting to hear all the latest news, and feed into, NFU Scotland's policy on the latest bluetongue developments and sheep electronic identification (EID) trials.

The meeting will take place at the Corran Halls, Oban, on Friday, 15 February.

NFU Scotland's vice-president Nigel Miller is driving these meetings and will be present to answer any questions farmers may have on either of these issues.

He said: "I shall be attending a meeting to discuss Great Britain's policy on bluetongue the day before our Oban meeting, which will give NFU Scotland a good window into the various vaccination policy options for the UK.

"It will be good to meet with local members on the back of this meeting to get their feedback on what is being proposed and to make sure their views are fed back into the Union's policy.

"While the sheep EID pilot scheme is still being developed, it is very important to keep people in the loop about what is happening. The situation is moving very quickly and the implications for hill sheep farmers are great."

Miller added: "This meeting's emphasis will be on two-way communication; informing our members of the latest developments on bluetongue and sheep EID policy and also getting as much feedback from our members as possible.

"For this reason, I hope a good number of people will be enthused to come along to the meeting."

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