Time to bring out the barbie
Published:  01 May, 2009

The sun is shining and despite the general air of doom and gloom surrounding the economy, one could almost be forgiven for feeling optimistic.

Good summer weather is always good news for the butcher, as consumers start dusting off the barbecue and popping down to the high street for that special something to wow their friends and neighbours. Even better, the weathermen (those most reliable of forecasters) are suggesting we could be in for an excellent summer of barbecuing. Such weather conditions will be more than welcome after the last two summers were washed out with downpour after torrential downpour.

The barbecue season really does allow the butchery sector to shine. The ability to react that much faster than the supermarkets means the high street butcher can cash in on the fluctuating weather and be that much more creative with it. Imaginative and eye-catching products will help win customers' attention and I'd urge all of you to take a look at our barbecue feature on pages 18-23 to get the latest news, tips and advice on what to expect this summer.

Meanwhile, I'd like to offer my congratulations to the organisers of the first British Pie Awards. The competition attracted a huge number of entries and while the bakers may have carried the day, the butcher entries more than held their own in what was a crowded and competitive field. As one of the judges, I certainly had my work cut out on the day and I don't mind admitting that the thought of eating another pork pie any time in the next six months holds slightly less appeal than a bike ride to Paris... ah hang on...


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