It's a wrap

Scottish butcher Hebbie Fowlie of Fowlie Butchers in Aberdeenshire has invested in two new WS wrapping systems from Avery Berkel, with the aim of automating many of the manual packing operations of the business.

Hebbie said: "We are very pleased with the wrappers' performance, which has speeded up our packing operation by 100%. Our operators have found the machines extremely easy-to-use and programme, which means less time has to be spent packing and more time can be spent serving our customers."

The WS25 weigh-wrap-label system chosen by Hebbie features a simple touchscreen that controls both the wrapping and weighing cycles and requires only one operator to complete the entire packing operation - a process that sees one pack completed every two seconds, said Avery.

Each product on the system is given a unique look-up reference number, which the operator simply keys in to recall the information needed to wrap the pack. Avery Berkel also created a dedicated pack run programme, which allows the operator to set up a product order for a particular customer, comprising a variety of different meat types and cuts.

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