Brazil meat merger announced

Two of the biggest meat producers in Brazil have announced a merger to form a new company called Brasil Foods.

Chicken and pig processors Perdigăo and chilled and frozen food firm Sadia will form the new company pending approval by authorities in Brazil and other countries.

A new holding company called HFF will be created by holders of at least 51% of shares in Sadia, while Perdigăo will change its name to Brasil Foods (BRF).

Perdigăo launched its global Perdix brand in 2001 directed mainly to the retail and food service sectors and has more than 55,000 staff with commercial branches in the Netherlands, Japan, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and the UK. It announced gross sales in 2008 of R$13.2b, a growth of 69% compared with a year earlier.

Sadia, which has offices in Worcester, sell a range of frozen products from Chicken Breast, to Added Value products like Chicken Nuggets, Cordon Bleu or Coated/flavoured whole muscle chicken fillets and Frozen Ready Meals such as Lasagne which can be purchased in over 100 countries.

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