NFU flies to Germany to discuss EID

The head of NFU’s livestock board will fly to Germany next week to discuss electronic identification (EID) fears with European farmers.

Mackintosh will meet with European sheep breeding organisations in Frankfurt next Thursday (June 4). He will use the meeting to share concerns over EID regulation and discuss the implications it might have on farmers across Europe.

The Union hopes that by working with other European farming groups it will raise support at EU level.

“Although there was limited support for our stance on this issue at the most recent Council of Ministers meeting it is clear that many industry organisations across the EU are unhappy about the EID regulation and the devastating impact it could have on the EU flock,” he said.

“Agriculture Minister Jane Kennedy has supported the NFU stance on this issue at an EU level but we need other European countries to lobby their governments in order to give our government the support it needs,”

The NFU is currently gathering the views of its members for the consultation on EID and working with Defra to find ways of reducing the regulation’s impact and increase the flexibility of its implementation.

“The NFU will never accept the need for compulsory EID in the British sheep industry and to that end we will leave no stone unturned in looking for options to make this regulation fit for purpose,” says Mackintosh.

“It is vital that any available steps are taken to limit its impact on the sheep sector to an absolute minimum and our opposition and work on this issue will continue, not just in the coming months but also in the years ahead until we reach an acceptable solution.”

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