Marel's on a roll

As part of its handling programme, Marel Food Systems has released a new retraction conveyor called the SpeedSort, said to be capable of rejecting trim or sorting products at very high speeds.

This enables food processing companies to reduce the manpower needed in a processing line, said the firm. Typical installations include placing after a Portion-Cutter, where it rejects head trim from chicken fillets before infeed to a RoboBatcher for fixed-weight tray packing.

The possibilities are numerous, said Marel, such as after a process weigher or a check weigher for reject of over- or under-weight packs.

The SpeedSort can eliminate the need for operators who are normally employed to do some of the above-mentioned functions - typically one to two operators per processing line per shift. This means that the SpeedSort retraction conveyor has an extremely rapid payback rate, said the company. It is available in both single-lane and dual-lane versions.

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