William Reed acquires leading online news provider

Leading UK business-to-business publisher William Reed Business Media has reinforced its commitment to online publishing with the acquisition of Decision News Media, an internet publishing company dedicated to reporting breaking news for the global B2B industries


Founded over 100 years ago, William Reed Business Media is a successful, independent company that employs about 320 people. The company has an extensive range of high-quality, award-winning products in all media areas, from news magazines to shows and events for the food and drink industries. Its well-known brands include Meat Trades Journal, The Grocer, Food Manufacture, British Baker and Foodex to name a few.

Decision News Media, based in Montpellier, France, has quickly established a reputation for authoritative, in-depth and insightful news reporting of food, nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceutical topics. Its flagship websites are FoodNavigator.com, NutraIngredients.com and Meatprocess.com.

The new enlarged company will accelerate the growth of its online brands, expand into new areas such as events, recruitment, data services and directories and expand into new markets.

Commenting on the acquisition, Jean-Marc Cocogne, joint founder of Decision News Media, said: “The team at William Reed Business Media has built a terrific, focused media business. Decision News Media has created a powerful market opportunity as a leading online provider for independent and high-value news-reporting in the market it serves. Both companies make an excellent combination. Together, the two businesses will be stronger and have greater potential. We will accelerate our growth and expand our brands into new media areas.”

Charles Reed, group managing director of William Reed Business Media, said: “We are thrilled about this acquisition. Decision News Media’s business nicely complements ours. Both businesses publish cutting-edge information and are expert at building advertising and marketing solutions for their clients.

"Decision News Media represents an attractive opportunity, consistent with William Reed Business Media’s strategy of building high-quality media, create an integrated media specialist and expand into new markets. Combining the businesses will enhance growth prospects”.

Websites owned by Decision News Media include" www.meatprocess.com, www.foodnavigator.com, www.nutraingredients.com, www.dairyreporter.com, www.bakeryandsnacks.com, beveragedaily.com and www.foodproductiondaily.com.







William Reed Business Media acquires Decision News media.

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