European farmers unite against EID

THe NFU's livestock board chairman has met with European sheep breeding organisations to discuss the shared implications of EID.

The meeting, which took place in Frankfurt, Germany, enabled Alistair Mackintosh to discuss ways to further highlight industry opposition to compulsory EID with farming groups from Spain, France, Austria, Greece, Germany and Scotland.

Mackintosh said a number of ideas had been discussed, including sending a joint letter to each country’s lead minister calling on them to raise the issue again at future EU council meetings and a petition to show the strength of farmer opposition.

“It was a very positive meeting. It’s clear that many industry groups are deeply concerned about the devastating impact this regulation could have on the EU flock,” he said.

“It’s important we work together to highlight the sheep industry’s opposition and other European countries lobby their governments to raise support for our stance at an EU level.”

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