BPEX launches pork labelling campaign

BPEX has launched a campaign to encourage processors and retailers to make country-of-origin labelling clearer on pork products.

The campaign, fronted by TV presenter Ruth Langsford, comes after a YouGov survey revealed that consumers find labelling on pork products confusing and are concerned that products containing imported pork that does not meet minimum UK welfare standards can legally be labelled as ‘British’ or ‘UK’ produce.

Of the people surveyed, 91% agreed that labelling products which contain imported pork as ‘British’ is misleading, while 90% agreed that only products that contain 100% British Pork should be labelled ‘British’.

Langsford said: “The real issue is that products such as pork pies and bacon that are produced and packed in the UK, using imported pork, can quite legally be labelled as ‘British’.”

“This is despite the fact that around 70% of imported pork would be illegal to produce in this country as it does not meet minimal welfare standards. We’re calling for ‘No More Porkies’ when it comes to labelling.”

The FSA has produced guidelines with clear advice on avoiding labelling practice that may mislead consumers.

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