Saving water could save cash

Meat manufacturers could be missing out on cost savings by not maximising the potential of water efficiency, a sustainable business expert has warned.

Envirowise says that food and drink manufacturers may be wasting combined cost savings of £160,000 every day by failing to monitor and control water use.

A survey of UK businesses revealed that almost two-thirds of respondents said they do not currently measure or monitor their water use at all, and a huge 85% do not have any water reduction targets in place.

”Although many food and drink manufacturers have made strong progress on reducing their water use, there are still opportunities for more companies in the sector to reap the benefits.” said Claire Sweeney, Envirowise water specialist.

“Businesses could reduce their water bills by as much as a third if they were to take steps to manage their water use more effectively, a valuable cost saving in the current climate.”

In response, Envirowise is offering businesses across the food and drink sector the chance to join a free resource efficiency initiative to help them. Businesses signing up to Rippleffect before 14 September will receive advice from Envirowise to better understand their water use, identify simple water-saving steps and then measure the cost savings they have made.

The Rippleffect programme is delivered in three online modules over a six-month period, helping businesses to monitor their water use and set targets for improvement.

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