Shoppers back pork as attitudes change

Cash-strapped consumers are increasingly turning to pork, while health has slipped down the agenda in the face of the economic downturn.

Pork sales are up 9% in value and consumption has risen by 6%, according to BPEX, which claims attitudes to pork are changing in the face of the recession. “The image of pork is beginning to strengthen,” said consumer marketing manager Chris Lamb. “People are ascribing chicken-like values to it – it's convenient, healthy and value for money.”

The price rises in other meats have also played into the pork sector’s hands, he said: “People have seen the rises in beef and lamb, but they have not noticed it in fresh pork and pork products.”

Health has also become less of a concern when it comes to purchasing, said Richard Cullen, AHDB Meat Services category manager. “People are now more concerned with meals needing to be filling. Two years ago, health was the number one reason people were eating things, but now it's down to number 11.”

Sausages have also benefited from the downturn and are showing strong growth in both value and volume.


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