Constant assurance on detection

The new THS/ MS21 metal detector, from Constant Instruments is claimed to have sensitivity up to 30% higher than its earlier models, enabling it to detect contaminant particles at high speed.

Even difficult, highly conductive products such as those containing high levels of salt or fat, can be handled, said the company.

Managing director Leslie Hunt said: "The previous instruments in our range already had unequalled sensitivity, but the new multi-spectrum models provide inspection standards only seen in the pharmaceutical industry."

The THS/MS21, manufactured by Italian metal detection specialist CEIA, can detect non-magnetic as well as magnetic metals, including high-grade stainless steel, and triggers immediate ejection of a contaminant when identified.

Data relating to each detection and ejection are stored in an events memory, which is said to certify production quality, the inspection itself and the programming operations, as well as the necessary periodic phases using standard test samples.

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