EBLEX speciality steaks prove popular

Butchers, meat suppliers and chefs are reporting an increasing demand for the range of economy speciality steaks developed by EBLEX.

EBLEX says that the range of 12 steaks – which were created last year by EBLEX master butcher Dick van Leeuwen and master chef Pierre Pierre Koffmann – are proving increasingly popular across all sectors, because they deliver extra profit and carcase balance while satisfying consumer demand for tasty, tender and reasonably priced steaks.

“We have had positive feedback from all sectors of the industry about these steaks, and they are really making an impact on the profitability of the supply chain – from the processors and butchers, right up to the kitchen door,” said Van Leeuwen.

One south-west based meat processor said that demand from the foodservice sector for the hanger pavé and hanger steaks has seen them switch from exporting the muscle from which the steaks are taken, to selling it in the UK for a more profitable return.

Sales manager for the company David Whitfield said: “This range has proved very successful for our business. Not only are we getting a better return for the body skirt itself, it has really improved overall carcase utilisation.”

Meanwhile, catering butchers and chefs have are experiencing high demand for the range from consumers looking for more value for money alternatives when eating out.

Head chef and proprietor Brian Baker said: “In the current climate it is important to be able to create new and exciting dishes and reduce waste. By using lesser-known cuts of meat, we are able to maximise yield, minimise the effects on the economy and environment and continue to delight our customers.”

Baker features the ‘flat iron’ steak on three separate menus, thanks to increased demand, and said that his ‘Flat Iron Steak ‘Café De Paris’, Pomme Frites & Watercress Salad’ has become the best-selling meat dish on his menu since the restaurant opened in April 2009.

“I’m always looking for innovative ways to use different cuts of meat. I tried and loved the flat iron steak and realised that because many people will not be familiar with it, it clearly adds a point of interest to the menu," he said.

"It is a flavoursome, juicy and sumptuous steak, which contains no sinew or fat and cooks very well from medium-rare to well done.”

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