RSPCA launches BBQ Source campaign

The RSPCA has launched a "BBQ Source" campaign after research revealed that shoppers are less likely to buy welfare-friendly produce for the barbecue.

A survey carried out for the RSPCA by YouGov revealed that over a quarter (28%) of consumers seek higher-welfare meat when doing a normal shop, but only one in six (17%) buy welfare-friendly produce for the barbecue.


The vast majority of respondents (72%) said that buying high-welfare would depend on price, and what was on special offer.

The RSPCA hopes that by providing information on sourcing welfare-friendly meat on a budget, it will encourage more people to buy ethically for their barbecues. To mark the launch of the campaign, the charity has therefore posted a shopping guide on its campaign website,, which features information on the key welfare issues affecting farm animals and tips on sourcing high-welfare

Aware that price can be a barrier to buying high-welfare meat, the RSPCA has also added price comparisons and tips on how to use leftovers to the site.

"Price can sometimes be seen as a barrier when buying higher welfare meat, and this is where the RSPCA's online shopping guide can come in handy," said Mel Andrews, campaign manager for the RSPC.

“You can still save money when buying higher-welfare meat by preparing the food yourself, getting the portions right and using up leftovers for another meal the next day."

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