Snack attack

For many years now, butchers have been making take-away food, such as sausage rolls, pork pies and sandwiches.

Indeed, offering a snack range, in what marketing people term 'the impulse-buying sector' could bring you further dividends. A few snacks by your till may tempt customers to throw them in with the rest of the shopping. You do take a risk as to whether the customer will actually buy the goods, but just look at the evidence - that is why they put all the chocolate by the tills at petrol stations and chewing gum and batteries by the checkouts at supermarkets.

Just as customers delve for their wallets/purses from their pockets/handbags/manbags, they might be feeling peckish and decide to spend a little extra with you, particularly if you are offering fast and convenient snacks.

Snacks can also be marketed as lunchbox fillers for mothers, lunchtime extras if your shop is near a lot of office buildings, or even picnic ideas. Sourcing from local food companies is probably your best bet to making snacks profitable. People feel better about themselves if they are contributing to the local economy by buying more from your shop, which in turn makes you order more supplies from a nearby small-scale food firm. It's all swings and roundabouts.


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