Gerald PDA system

Applied Principles, a supplier of paperless quality management systems, has launched a new system for butchers and other small manufacturers and retailers.

Gerald is said to deliver all of the 'big company' functionality of the firm's Principles Quality Management system, such as the elimination of paperwork, real-time reporting and operational control, but with the benefit of being available off-the-shelf, at a low cost, for control by a single user.

The Gerald system comprises a rugged PDA (personal digital assistant), which includes a temperature probe, camera, bar-code reader, and connects wirelessly to a laptop. It can also be used to make bespoke quality checks and monitor health and safety.

Applied Principles MD J J Kotze said: "Demand for us to provide smaller businesses with a single-user system that allows quality control management previously only available to larger companies, and at an affordable price, has been high.

"Our current customers are enjoying huge gains in quality, productivity, accountability and cost savings, but so far, smaller companies such as artisan producers, butchers, small bakery firms, farmers, growers and other entrepreneurial food businesses have been denied access to the sophisticated, yet simple system we can offer."

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