Shoppers turning to primals

Shoppers across the UK are turning their backs on pre-packed supermarket meat and investing in primals direct from farms, a producer has claimed.

Biodynamic meat producer Heritage Prime said that it has seen an increase in orders of quarter, half or whole carcases, which are being used for Christmas, to share between a community or to fill the freezer over winter.

Denise Bell of Heritage Prime said: “Our customers buy large quantities for all sorts of reasons – hog roasts, Christmas feasts or to share with friends.

“We have been selling meat in this way for 13 years, but we have noticed a change in our customers’ shopping habits. They used to see our meat as something for special occasions, but now they are buying it to eat all year round and shunning supermarkets altogether. It is great to see people making a priority of their health and wellbeing every day.”

Heritage Prime deliberately cuts out the supermarket and prefers to sell to customers direct. ““In today’s sad supermarket era, agents and middlemen have taken control of the food sold in our shops,” said Bell. “Producers are forced to cut prices more and more, leading to harmful intensive practices and the industrialisation of animal husbandry. We want no part of that – and neither do our customers.”

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