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The finished cattle trade at GB auction markets continued to strengthen in w/e 12 August. Prime heifers were up nearly 4p to average 161.4p p/kg; young bull price was up 3p to 150.3p p/kg; steer average increased 2p to 155.5p p/kg. The overall cull cow price increased by 4p to average 98.4p p/kg, with cull cow throughputs at auction 10% lower on the week.

In w/e 8 August the deadweight cattle trade firmed; deadweight steer price was up to 270.9p p/kg; heifer average rose to 267.8p p/kg; deadweight cull cow average up at 176.4p p/kg.

Producer and retail beef prices eased in June and July. The gap between farmgate and retail price widened to 51%, the widest so far year-to-date.



In w/e 12 August the lamb trade at GB auction markets strengthened for the second week in a row. The SQQ was up on the week to 148.2p. Similarly, the deadweight lamb trade also firmed, in w/e 8 August, the SQQ increased by 5p on the previous week to 315.2p p/kg dw.

June and July saw falls in both producer price and average retail price of lamb, with an 18% fall in producer price against a fall of 1% in the average retail price. The actual spread between the farm gate and retail price widened by 8% month on month to 55%.



The DAPP fell in w/e 8 August to 154.42p p/kg dw. The fall in price for carcases in the 80 to 89.9kg range was slightly less marked. The producer price for pigs increased between June and July, while the average retail price remained steady resulting in producers receiving a slightly greater share of the final retail price. The price of boneless shoulder joints, loin steaks and minced pork eased on the month while the prices of most other cuts increased.

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