Meat move for Welsh Botanic Gardens

The National Botanic Garden of Wales is launching its own brand of organic meat using Welsh Black cattle and rare breed lambs reared at the tourist attraction.

The animals were first brought in to help manage a grassland nature reserve at the site in Carmarthenshire, but will now also be used to produce beef and lamb, and sold directly to visitors.

Farm manager Tim Bevan said it was a logical step to use the animals for organic meat production, because they grazed on land that was chemical and fertiliser-free. About 12 cattle a year and 10-20 lambs a month will be used for the business.

The garden is using a small abattoir in a nearby village and a neighbouring butcher to prepare the cuts. The meat is advertised and sold in boxes of various cuts at its visitor centre.

Bevan added that he wanted to build up a customer base of 40-50 people who wanted a regular supply of meat.

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