The silly season is still with us

Looking at the news this week, you could be forgiven for thinking we're still at the height of the silly season

First, there's PETA, looking to the men of Glasgow to give up meat to reduce the risk of growing breasts, or moobs (man boobs to the unitiated). Then there's the rest of the UK getting its knickers in a twist about schoolchildren voting to send their pet sheep to slaughter.

Looking to PETA first, I'd like to see their activists take to the street and convince busty Glaswegian men of the benefits of the vegetarian diet in relation to breast reduction... I believe the Clyde is lovely for a swim at this time of year. Of course, as with many claims made by PETA, it's completely misleading: a recent report in Men's Health magazine pointed to the consumption of soya-based products (veggie burger anyone?) as the main driving factor behind the growth in moobs. So it's not all that beer then!

Meanwhile, the entire UK seems to have an opinion on the decision of a head teacher to send the school lamb off to slaughter, with predictably most up in arms about the "horror" the children must be going through. The fact that the children actually voted to send 'Marcus' for the chop appears to have been lost in the sea of ill-informed and idiotic comment awash in the papers this week. (Can anyone tell me when Facebook became the oracle of informed public opinion?).

The issue of Marcus the sheep does open up an important debate, however, about whether children should be exposed to the realities of a meat diet. The simple answer is yes. The only parents who have any right to object to a school slaughtering its "pets" are those who opt for a vegetarian lifestyle. The rest of them need to grow up and accept the realities of life.

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