Faerch Plast returns to its roots

Packaging company Faerch Plast has launched a new range of high-quality trays and containers for the meat and poultry industry.

The new range includes packs produced from mono amorphous PET (MAPET) and the recently launched high-clarity polypropylene (PP) to provide greater transparency, protection, hygiene, brand appeal and uniformity, while offering increased environmental benefits.

Both MAPET and PP trays are produced from mono materials, allowing them to be recycled in the same way as PET bottles. Also, in line with an ongoing commitment to reducing environmental impact, Faerch Plast has said it includes up to 50% recycled post-consumer waste PET in all its packaging for the meat and poultry industry.

Faerch Plast UK managing director Joe Iannidinardo said: "The company was a major supplier of packaging to the UK meat industry when it was first established 20 years ago. This focus changed with the increasing consumer demand for ready meals. We are now returning to our roots with an exciting range of products purpose-designed to offer significant environmental, visual, hygiene and storage benefits for meat and poultry producers, retailers and consumers."

Faerch Plast added that its MAPET range has been designed for modified atmosphere (MAP) pre-packed meat to ensure that, despite meat juice contamination, a good seal is achieved and maintained from packing to consumer use and the trays and containers can be supplied in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs.

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