Slaughter questions answered

For those who want to know exactly how many animals are slaughtered in the UK (30 every second or 2.5m a day) the Humane Slaughter Association has created a new section on its website.

Visitors to can view a comprehensive range of frequently asked livestock welfare questions and answers, divided into two sections.

The first includes questions of interest to the general public, such as information on welfare during transport, stunning and slaughter, legislation and how it protects welfare and how animals are handled in licensed UK slaughterhouses

The second part is for industry professionals, farmers, smallholders, academics and vets wanting more specific, detailed information on topics such as stunning methods and equipment, training services and best practice.


Said Charles Mason, HSA technical director: “We are asked many questions by members of the public, those with a working interest in livestock and with questions of a more technical nature, by the meat processing and retailing industries.”


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