Animal welfare at plants

Well, well, well Mr Smith! I think you have got your facts wrong. From reading MTJ, I understand that you say operators are responsible for animal welfare at their plants when they are actually paying for a vet to look after it. I thought that is what the vet is paid for.

So really it is a waste of time and money having them there at all. This was the case at Denbigh Crown Court when your MHS took ED Jones abattoir to court when five pigs left the plant without being stamped after being inspected. Fortunately the judge had the sense to acquit Mr Jones, deciding he had no case to answer, and awarded costs against the MHS, which where quite substantial.

So if you change your mind and think operators are responsible people, give them the responsibility to run their own plants. We would be happy to go to work again and run them ourselves. It would also get rid of the burden of a quango around our necks. These are my thoughts and those of many MPs, as will be seen after the election.

Sam Morphet, C S Morphet & Sons, Widnes

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