Tesco launches venison sausages for slimmers

Tesco has launched a range of low-calorie venison sausages, formulated especially for slimming group Scottish Slimmers.

The Scottish Slimmers Wildly Healthy Venison Sausages, which are produced by Highland Game, have only 55 calories and a fat content of 2g, with less than 3% saturated fat. They will be available in 91 stores across Scotland.

Venison sausages are increasingly popular among slimmers looking for a healthy alternative to traditional sausages, because venison is high in protein and natural minerals but much lower in fat than other red meats, such as beef and pork. The meat is also low in cholesterol, making it an ideal choice for people who need to reduce their cholesterol intake.

Lorraine Queen, publishing and promotions manager at Scottish Slimmers, said that shoppers who wouldn’t normally buy sausages can now enjoy them as part of a healthy breakfast, a light snack or an evening meal.

“Two years ago 45% of members surveyed never bought any sausages at all, as they felt they would either be too high in calories and fats or found the existing low-fat varieties unsatisfactory.

“Now we’re all enjoying them in a sausage sandwich with ketchup, as bangers and mash, in our quick sausage casserole, with red wine gravy... and astonishingly only 55 calories per sausage – what a turnaround! ”

Dundee-based Highland Game is working hard to promote the health and taste benefits of venison. The company hopes to increase its customer base in the UK by investing a further £250,000 to extend the its production capacity and is planning to develop more venison ready-meals and pre-cooked offerings.

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