A sausage with a crunch

Snowbird Foods is celebrating the bicentenary of one of Britainís favourite cooking apples by relaunching its revamped and improved Gourmet Pork & Bramley Apple Sausage.

With a meat content of 75%, the sausages, which are said to meet all government low-fat and low-salt requirements, have been made slightly sweeter to match the needs of the market for top-quality sausages. This helps derive maximum benefit from the use of Bramleys, an apple grown only in Britain, added Snowbird.

Roy Anderson, Snowbird sales director, said: ďA higher acid content and lower sugar levels make the Bramley unique and we have underlined that by adding just a trace of parsley.Ē

The Gourmet Pork & Bramley Apple Sausages are made with coarsely bowl-chopped, rather than minced, top-quality manufacturing pork and the links are fully cooked to a golden brown in the factory before being frozen. Snowbird, now part of Vion, has included cinnamon in the recipe, which also features mace, nutmeg, ginger, coriander and white pepper.

Snowbird recommended that the links be microwaved from frozen, in seconds, for small orders, and oven-baked when larger quantities are required. The sausages are being made in 60g links and are packed in 4kg units.

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