Haggis sales rocket

A Lancashire butcher has invested 40,000 to satisfy demand for haggis. Chris Brown of Brown's Butcher in Chorley has added new cooking facilities, invested in vacuum packaging, developed new labels and taken on an extra member of staff to cope with a surge of interest in the haggis he has been producing to his own recipe for 15 years.

"Sales have been snowballing all year," he said. "From last December through to Burns night [January 26] this year, we shifted 10,000lbs, and ever since the media decided haggis originated in England, we have had more activity from the website. This month last year the quieter period we sold 300 to 400lbs; this past month, we have sold 2,000lbs."

Brown said his haggis, which he describes as "milder than the more peppery Scottish versions" was only one of his 77-year-old business's signature lines. As well as haggis balls and slices, there is also a haggis and black pudding blend, and a black and white roulade, which combines haggis with black and white pudding. "It makes a real impact on the plate," said Brown. "It looks like a Catherine wheel."
Besides online sales, the company is expanding its presence at food fairs and hopes to increase its wholesale business.

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