Cheesy chicken wrap

Somerset butcher Clinton Bonner has it all wrapped up when it comes to adding value to the chicken he sells from his traditional butcher's shop.

For one of his most popular selling items is a Chicken Wrap, a fillet of chicken filled with leeks, grated mozzarella cheese, chilli jam, and sun-dried tomatoes. Bonner sells more than 30 a week from his shop in the south Somerset market town of Ilminster.

The product only takes a few minutes to prepare and yet the number of ingredients used to prepare it, combined with the fact that it is wrapped and presented in baking paper, makes it seem a very special product indeed. It certainly looks interesting and different when displayed on a tray in the centre of a cabinet of other added-value and kitchen-ready products. The whiteness of the baking paper provides a good contrast to the colour of red meat, also displayed.

Bonner, the epitome of a butcher, with his booming voice, rosy face and broad smile, says he got the idea for the product from a similar pork item he saw being made. "Chicken is a versatile product to add flavours to and it is healthy too. This particular product is cooked in the baking paper, which means that, rather than being roasted in the oven, it is steamed. It's difficult to over-cook it."

The chilli jam gives the product a kick that belies the neutral flavour of the chicken itself. Bonner says if it proves difficult to track down chilli jam Tracklements supplies him then Dijon mustard is a good alternative.

Bonner, along with a fishmonger and a wine merchant, will soon be showing his customers how the product is made at a Food and Wine Roadshow to be held in the town in the run-up to Christmas. The event is held locally three or four times a year, with a different theme for each event. "It's a very popular event that sometimes attracts up to 100 visitors," he says.

Bonner's Butchers is really two shops in one, and is one of the crown jewels of the small town. Somewhat Tardis-like, it seems much bigger on the inside than it looks from the attractive but small outside. The window display alone is enough to tempt most people in. Once inside, there is the choice of viewing the lovely range of fresh meats and added-value products on the right or stepping down into the 'shop within the shop' on the left to savour the wide array of delicatessen products and cheeses.

It is a hard task to decide which side of the shop provides the best choice and the most skilful layout. Run by the Bonners for many years the friendly welcome leaves customers in little doubt that this is a well-run family business.



Chicken fillet
Shredded Leek
Grated mozzarella cheese
Chilli jam (or Dijon mustard)
Sun-dried tomatoes


1) Place shreded leeks on half sheet of baking paper
2) Slit chicken fillet by cutting along its length, lay on top of leeks.
3) Place sun-dried tomatoes inside fillet and sprinkle with mozzarella cheese
4) Spoon the chilli jam over the cheese
5) Carefully fold baking paper over preparted fillet and seal paper ends
6) Secure with two poultry bands. place in oven for 25 mins at 180˚C/350˚F or gas mark 4

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