Country Choice offers a slice of the action

Tapping into 'impulse buying', Country Choice has come up with some new wrapped cakes, which can be frozen and sold at a later date.

Country Choice's thaw-and-sell wrapped cake slices are described as being attractively packaged and professionally displayed in one of the company's impulse confectionery units, which are said to be deliciously tempting.

The cakes are available in six flavours, including Carrot Cake, Iced Cherry & Almond, Cornflake Cake, Fruit Cake, Lemon Drizzle and Chocolate Cup cake.

Each cake is individually wrapped, with a shelf-life of four days, allowing you to extend your trading time.
Country Choice also does savoury meat snacks, such as a Steak Bake and a Bacon and Cheese Turnover.

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