Bake and take

In some areas of the country, the boundaries between butchers and bakers are blurring. In most cases, it is more butchers selling cakes, biscuits and bread, rather than bakers selling meat, but most bakers use meat ingredients in products such as sausage rolls, so there is quite a bit of cross-over.

Thinking about selling more sweet items in your shop can take one of two directions: you can either buy in cakes or make them yourself. But just as carving out a carcase is not easy and takes years of training, so does making a good cake. But if you do see cakes as a potential future seller in your outlet, there are many holidays and events to tie into, such as Halloween at the end of this month and, of course, Christmas with all the cakes, puddings and mince pies that entails.

If you fancy going on a course or training-up one of your staff to handle this section of the business, a good place to see a national overview is, which has a great search engine for short courses for all over the country. In the Bath area, for example, the Bertinet Kitchen is a well-known place for bakery teaching or down in Rickmansworth, Cinnamon Square has many courses for adults that sell out very quickly.

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