Ferry firm crumbles under CIWF pressure

A campaign organised by Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) has led to a successful outcome as a passenger ferry company has agreed not to export live animals from the UK.

Over 1,500 CIWF supporters sent emails to Celtic Link Ferries in protest of initial proposals to open a live farm animal transport route from Portsmouth to France, which the company has now agreed not to follow through.

Sarah Halevy, CIWF campaigns co-ordinator said: “Compassion condemns the cruel trade involving hundreds of thousands of calves, sheep and other animals being transported long distances across Europe each year. We congratulate Celtic Link in its decision to respect public opinion and end farm animal exports out of Portsmouth.

“Scientific evidence shows that these animals suffer from heat, thirst and exhaustion during these long journeys. We thank our supporters and local groups for their commitment and determination to end the unnecessary suffering of live animals during export.”

Celtic Link Ferries has now agreed not to allow any shipments of livestock for slaughter on its service between Portsmouth and Cherbourg in either direction after pressure was put on the company by animal group supporters, local residents, Portsmouth Port Management, Portsmouth Council and Portsmouth MPs. A demonstration was held at the city’s Commercial Ferry Port on 31 October.

Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock added: “This is great news. I have been campaigning on this issue for over 30 years and we have again been successful in ensuring a ferry company will not take part in this inhumane trade of live animals. I am pleased Celtic Link Ferries has committed to end its involvement in animal exports from Portsmouth Docks.”

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