Invoke a sense of calm

I have just read the Farm Animals Welfare Council's Report on 'Past, Present and Future' October 2009. It is very detailed and informative, mentioning all aspects of the work, with recommendations.

Yet the beauty of simplicity is missing at the end; as it touches on the subject of ethics, it reveals a point of view that is, in my opinion, lacking in courage and vision. I refer to the subject of "religious" slaughter.

On the one hand, the FAWC deplores the practice of non-stunned creatures at slaughter; on the other, it could be seen to be justifying the practice on ethical grounds, under the civil rights argument. Being clever and academic, therefore, comes at the expense of changing over to 100% humane slaughtering of all our farmed animals and poultry, not only in Europe but the world.

The European Parliament still allows slaughterhouses to slaughter without stunning beforehand. Just ask the general public what they think of the ethic in that!

There is nothing wrong, of course, in respecting differing traditions and procedures but not at the expense of the animals' right to a pain-free end. So let's encourage the Jewish and Muslim communities to accept the wonderful concept of calming animals before their death that would be a really progressive step in farmed animal welfare.

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