Christmas show to highlight Scotch

Scotch Beef and Scotch Lamb will feature among some of Britain’s most cherished produce at an upcoming Christmas Market in London this week.

Quality Meat Scotland is taking part in the Defra-organised Protected Food Names Christmas Market, taking place this week at New Covent Garden Market in Vauxhall, London.


The market will give QMS the opportunity to highlight Scotch Beef and Lamb to national and regional media, as well as senior parliamentarians, and explain why the regionally unique status of the products means they were the first fresh red meats to be awarded EU Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.


The market follows the inaugural Protected Food Names Roadshow event, which took place at 10 Downing Street in August.


QMS head of marketing Laurent Vernet will be leading the QMS presence at the market, having previously spoken at a PGI workshop at Brussels. He was also part of the committee discussing the future of the scheme in Prague earlier this year.


He said: “As an industry body we have taken every opportunity to maximise the benefits of having PGI status for Scotland’s cattle and sheep producers.


“Scotch Beef was the first European fresh red meat product to be granted the coveted PGI status, closely followed by Scotch Lamb. Not only were we the first, we also produce higher volumes of PGI-bearing product than anywhere else in Britain.


“With Christmas coming up, people will be looking for the best produce to share with their families. Products carrying the PGI marque come with a whole background of tradition and quality, so that people can be sure they are getting a genuine, unique regional taste.


“Now that all PGI-bearing products should be carrying the logo on packaging, it should be easier for quality-seeking consumers to find the best of our country’s regional produce, which will be guaranteed to please even this most discerning of diners this Christmas.”


QMS said the opportunities Protected Food Name status can offer regionally-specific foods is becoming a major topic of discussion, particularly in a country such as Scotland, which is famed for its produce.


Quality Meat Scotland also took part in a Scottish Government funded PFN conference in Perth this week, to discuss the potential of protected status for other quintessentially Scottish foods.

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