Welsh Assembly launch TB consultation

Welsh Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones, has launched an eight week consultation on legislation aimed at strengthening Wales’s programme to eradicate bovine TB.

The Tuberculosis and Brucellosis (Wales) Order 2010 would allow Welsh Ministers to amend existing legislation around pre-movement testing of cattle and link compensation to farmers whose cattle have been affected by TB to good farming practice.

The Minister said: “TB Health Check Wales comes to an end on 31 December 2009. The programme has been crucial in identifying and removing infection early and in stopping the disease gaining a foothold in more areas across Wales.

“All herds in Wales will also be subject to an annual test and compulsory pre-movement test in 2010. However there is still more to be done to bear down on this disease.”

The measures proposed are claimed to help to strengthen Wales’ comprehensive TB Eradication programme which aims to tackle all sources of the disease.

The consultation on the Tuberculosis and Brucellosis (Wales) Order 2010 which deals with proposed changes to legislation in relation to bovine TB, will include clarification of terminology, pre-movement testing exemptions and linking rates of compensation to good farming practice.

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