Olympic win for Red Tractor

All meat served at the 2012 London Olympics will be UK farm-assured after organisers vowed to hold the most sustainable Games in history.


The London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG) will procure UK Red Tractor Assured food wherever seasonally possible; meat at both the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be fully traceable and will have been produced to strict standards from farm to venue.

Eblex and Bpex are both delighted that cattle, sheep and pig farmers will have a great shop window to show off top-quality meat.


Bpex head of marketing Chris Lamb said: “This is an exciting opportunity for pig producers to show the quality of their pork, bacon and ham to the world.”


Eblex sector director Nick Allen added: “This demonstrates the value of farm assurance schemes and is an encouragement to producers to get involved. The decision guarantees that quality lamb and beef will be served at the 2012 Olympics, putting domestic producers on the world stage.”


Throughout the the 2012 Games and Paralympic Games, 14 million meals will be served at 31 competition venues to 23,900 athletes and team officials, 20,600 broadcasters and press and a workforce of 160,000. Food quantities in the Olympic village alone will include 31t of poultry products and more than 100t of meat.


NFU president Peter Kendall added: “It is often described as the largest peace-time catering operation in the world. Never before has such a large-scale catering contract had such sustainable procurement standards and I hope that this can act as a blueprint for minimum sustainable catering standards in the future.”

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