Portion guidelines launched

New voluntary guidelines for food and drink companies should help them better communicate information on portion size.

The IGD’s study of portion-size information on labels found some inconsistencies that could be rectified with simple changes; some ready-meals display nutritional information on the front of pack as ‘per serving’, but on the back as ‘per pack’.


The new guidelines recommend that the number of servings is shown clearly on the front of pack, and that the nutrition information – whether ‘per serving’ or ‘per pack’ – is consistent on the front and back.


Claire Hughes, chair of the portion-size working group, said: “The reality is that customers don’t want portion information to be prescribed, but see it as a helpful guide when cooking and buying food.


“The food industry generally provides nutrition information per portion on a voluntary basis on packaged food, but our research showed there were number of inconsistencies in how this was presented. The IGD guidelines are designed around what works best for the customer; this is invaluable for industry.”


Bpex nutrition manager Maureen Strong said meat processors manufacturing ready-meals would welcome the guidelines, which helped clear up mixed messages.


The advice can be downloaded at igd.com/portionsizecommunication.

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