Daysdrove up and running

Bishops Castle abbatoir has now re-opened with the help of 60 shareholders after a two-year closure.


The three-species abbatoir was bought and upgraded by Daysdrove Holdings in the summer, after the group of local farmers and businesses invested in the project to become shareholders of the new limited company.

Daysdrove will work alongside butchers and farm shops in Shropshire and the Welsh Borders to provide essential slaughter and butchering services, with the capacity to slaughter up to 300 livestock units per week.


General manager David Palmer said: “The success of Daysdrove will be good news for this area as a whole, as we shall be providing an alternative outlet for livestock farmers, a vital service for local food businesses, and consumers will have far more opportunities to buy locally sourced meat.


“In time we hope that the Daysdrove brand will become familiar to everyone, and automatically associated with key criteria such as quality, local procurement, low food miles and high animal welfare standards.”


Daysdrove is the only three-species abattoir in Shropshire and is also committed to achieving organic status. Its re-opening has already created six full-time jobs, with other permanent positions expected to follow in the next few months.

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