QMS in tripe skills urge

Tripe experts from all over the world have been consulted by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) during the creation of a new guide to help processors realise the potential of offal.

The new tripe guide is one part of a £300,000 Scottish Government funded project to rekindle the trade in red meat products from what is known as ‘the fifth quarter’, which is the non-lean meat parts of the carcase such as offal and cheeks.

The project is also seeing specialists in offal harvesting visiting processors throughout Scotland and offering practical advice and demonstrations. If successful, it could help generate an extra £3m a year for the Scottish red meat industry and see Scotland leading the UK in capitalising on fifth quarter opportunities.

QMS head of industry development Andy McGowan said: “Tripe is a valuable, nutritious product which offers opportunities both in the domestic and export markets.

“Every part of the animal – from the fillet to the offal – has been raised to the same world-leading assurance standards, so it’s a real waste for companies to be paying to dispose of parts of the animal which are recoverable and marketable.”

The guide, being distributed to Scottish meat processing companies, is said to give easy-to-follow advice on how to harvest, process and quality-check tripe destined for human consumption and fully realise the value of this high-quality product.

Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham said: “This support from Scottish Government gives processors a real opportunity to realise millions of pounds of extra revenue and shows our commitment to enabling businesses to play their part in cutting waste.

“Maximising the full economic value of the carcase makes sense on all levels, it generates additional income and reduces waste, thereby helping to deliver our goal of a sustainable future for the Scottish red meat industry.”

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