The perfect fit for cutting, slicing and dicing

Processors are looking to do more with the same space. How can cutting, slicing and dicing equipment help? 

Keeping costs cool in refrigeration

Meat processing firms are facing rising costs to keep their produce cool. Is there any way to warm up their freezing margins?

On the cutting edge

Slim margins, mixed fortunes, sterling depreciation and consolidation. Welcome to an overview of the meat processing sector.

Better together? A snapshot into the beef industry

Britain’s top three beef processors have seen M&A activity in the past year, is there more to follow?

How Tulip's Nicky Taylor is attracting young talent

Just over a year ago, one of the UK’s biggest pork processors hired Nicky Taylor to turn around a worrying industry-wide shortage of young talent choosing food as their future career path. 

To the EU and beyond

The Republic of Ireland is renowned for its quality beef. Now, after establishing itself in the EU, it is looking at other international markets.

Eoghan Daly
  (Photo: Crowe Clark Whitehill LLP )

How the meat industry can respond to food fraud

It seems like hardly any time passes between food fraud incidents. Whether it be an animal disguised as an alternative kind of meat, or products incorrectly labelled, consumers are demanding transparency. 

Double delight for UK exports

British meat exporters were in jubilant mood last month after the government tied up multi-million pound export deals with China and the Philippines in the space of a few days.

How the snacking and fitness markets are joining forces

The Great British diet wouldn’t be complete without a snack or two to get us through the day. Working in an office environment, or out and about on your feet, it gives you something to look forward to and helps break up the day. After all, one of the UK’s most-loved snacks encourages us all to ‘Have a Break’ now and again.

How Campbells Prime Meat has landed in the money

While the Campbells family can trace its roots in meat back to 1910, when Thomas Campbell started working as a butcher in Edinburgh, the foodservice specialist is just 45 years old, employs more than 300 staff and offers 2,800 products to 2,000 customers at 5,000 locations from its Linlithgow facility. 

Why sausage processors need to keep up with shifting consumer tastes

Cowed last year by a barrage of attacks related to health concerns over fat content and processed meats, sausages have flexed their muscles and fought back.

Beefed up snacks with Meatsnacks

"I do love this business,” James Newitt tells Meat Trades Journal as we sit down at Meatsnacks’ BRC AA-grade Milton Keynes facility. “I’m so very, very passionate about it, as my colleagues will tell you.” 

Why supportive technology detection must be a priority

The dreaded phrase, ‘product recall’ is one that any processor will want to avoid. If you have to withdraw a product for, say, an undetected piece of metal, it can leave a lasting impact on your business.

How production demands are pressurising weighing and labelling equipment

Weighing and labelling equipment are among the most important pieces of kit on the processing line, with manufacturers’ margins reliant on waste reduction and avoidance of mislabelling-related recalls.

Did Britain eat gone off meat?

The British public may have unknowingly eaten Brazilian meat that could have been unsafe to consume, Meat Trades Journal can exclusively reveal. 

Can abattoirs up their public relations game to remedy staffing issues?

It's fair to say abattoirs struggle with an image problem. They are already loaded with the association of death and, for some reason, there are many individuals lining up to spread doom and gloom about the sector. Even the latest Plimsoll Analysis of UK abattoirs, says that, of the 119 companies assessed, 25 are “in danger”, 40 are “ripe for takeover”, 34 companies are “making a loss” and 18 companies have “lost a quarter of their value” in the past year. 

Is the industry doing enough to address sustainability issues?

The meat industry's image seems to be under constant fire from critics of how animals are reared and fed. Barely a week goes past without some report questioning whether the industry’s approach is sustainable.

How a multi-million investment has helped ABP Ellesmere become more green

When visiting ABP's Ellesmere site, it’s tough not to get bombarded with numbers and dates as you explore the extensive processing facility. 

General election: how will the next government affect you?

No matter what industry you’re in, the UK is on the brink of change. 

Industry must work together to overcome meat fraud

The Scottish meat industry has been encouraged to make the most of the Food Crime and Incidents unit to overcome fraudulent practices. 

Despite some challenges, fish shows little sign of scaling back

Britain's fishing industry may feel it is having a tricky time as its shipping fleet and numbers of able-bodied fishermen are in decline.

How artificial casings are gaining ground in the UK

Rising global demand for natural casings is paradoxically aiding prospects for artificial alternatives, as manufacturers come under pressure to secure consistent supply, keep costs down and improve production efficiency. 

What does Brexit mean for food safety in retail?

The short answer to this question is probably “not much”; whether the UK is in the EU or outside it, the food manufactured and produced here must be safe to eat. 

Quality re-assured: The post-Brexit landscape of food quality

With the formal triggering of Article 50 and Great Britain leaving the European Union, there are questions to be asked about the future of quality assurance. 

How to handle inspections and pass every time

Some enforcement officers are more pernickety than others and who you get is the luck of the draw. But it may be easier than you think to get even the most exacting enforcement officer on side and pass your inspection with flying colours. 

How consumer demand is helping poultry take flight

It has been a difficult few years for the reputation of the poultry market. Avian Influenza (AI) has been plaguing the sector and campylobacter in chicken has been a hot news story. 

Article 50 a 'non-event' in currency terms

The pound managed to shrug off any concerns the market may have had over the triggering of Article 50. 

Article 50: industry demands from Brexit talks

As Prime Minister Theresa May signed the letter that will trigger Article 50, notifying Brussels that Britain wants to exit the European Union we discuss with the industry what it wants from the talks.

How consumer demand and flexible offerings can help the burger market stack up sales

With new product development (NPD) driving continued growth in the market for burgers and other formed products, the category’s affordability relative to other meat cuts bodes well for its prospects, as food inflation rises and economic uncertainty surrounds Brexit.

Training: Taking the next step

Helping your staff take the next step in their career can benefit your business and there are plenty of options available to help them learn. 

Stepping up to the challenge with Riverford Organic

Six years of success at Riverford Organic, the award-winning food box delivery firm, has done little to quell butchery manager Mark Slade’s enduring appetite for industry and innovation. 

Bacon back from the drop

With bacon prices slashed and value falling, could minor volume growth spark a change in fortune for the processed meat? 

Straight approach: How new technology is reducing the need for manual labour

At a large poultry processing plant in Zell, Switzerland, thousands of chickens are being gutted, chilled and portioned at an astonishing speed.

Lean into 2017: How meat can offer high-protein solutions

Joe Wicks, Michelle Obama, Dale Pinnock: all are high-calibre influencers who are driving forces behind the clean eating movement. Now, more than ever, consumers are making an effort to eat healthy and natural produce. 

Looking ahead to 2017

The past 12 months have been tumultuous for the meat industry and beyond. As the sector dusts itself off after a messy 2016, we look at what the industry hopes to see in 2017.

Great British sausage slump

Sausages are about as quintessentially British as you can get. Sadly, the Great British provenance story – now a feature of government food trade rhetoric post-Brexit – may not be doing much for UK sausages. 

Industry expresses concerns over PM’s Brexit plan

The Prime Minister has said a “bold and ambitious free trade agreement with the European Union” will be a priority in Brexit negotiations, although this has received a less-than-popular reaction from the meat industry. 

Top tips for effective business food safety

Maintaining meat safety is crucial for a thriving food business. 

Not so weird science

Science now dictates the quality of the meat eaten, nutrition, genetics and even the health of the animal. 

Focus on Denmark

Poland’s demand for Danish pig exports could fuel record growth for 2016, but anxiety is palpable as Eastern Europe’s swine fever struggle continues. 

Kelly Turkeys talk the hatch of the day

By not compromising on quality and looking to take calculated risks, Paul Kelly of turkey producer Kelly Turkeys discusses how a family business took flight. 

CETA vs Brexit: The parallels

As the UK prepares to begin the process of leaving the EU, what can the authors of the trade agreement learn from the CETA situation? 

Focus on Ireland

A positive 12 months for Irish exports may be hindered by the UK’s decision to leave the EU but growth shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. 

The Late Payments Act allows companies to claim interest on late payments
  (Photo:  )

Late payment: what can I do?

Q: What action can you take when you are chasing late payments?

CETA vs Brexit: The parallels

The EU-Canada CETA trade deal is the most comprehensive the bloc has ever signed.

Pride in Principles: Southover Food Company

We speak to Steve Pearce from Southover Food Company about providing quality produce the right way. 

A deeper look at SIAL 2016

This year’s theme for SIAL Paris is ‘look deeper’. With our show preview, you can make sure you’re seeing all the important businesses. 

Challenging times for chicken

Chicken remains a force to be reckoned with, but virus fears and a retail price war could throw a spanner in the works. 

Brexit: no plan to chicken out

The meat industry is seeking a template for a profitable and productive system after UK Prime Minister Theresa May poured cold water on left-wing calls for a revote on June’s EU referendum. 

Focus on: Detection & Inspection

Scrutiny on the meat industry means businesses need to be at the top of their game when it comes to detection and inspection. Helen Gregory looks at what’s new in the sector. 

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